Go Green

Nature is important to us.
No nature No life No us!!
pollution is no cool, global warming is not funny.
Protect the environment, Protect the grandchildren.
Nature, environment is priceless.

EVERYBODY should start today and GO GREEN!!

Haagen Dazs


Häagen-Dazs has always crafted 100% real dairy ice cream,

using only pure cream and milk to provide its signature creaminess and rich texture.

Using only the finest ingredients, our ice cream is richer in taste and

creamier in body to give you a longer slow-melting moment of pleasure.

Häagen-Dazs Fondue consists of small scoops of ice-cream,

fruits (apple, banana, strawberry), strawberry swiss rolls,

chocolate chip cookies and cheese cakes.



For more than a decade, Kindori Ice Cream –

the popular natural, real fruit ice cream indulgence –

has been delighting ice cream lovers in Japan and Taiwan with its yummy, healthy flavours

Indulge in your favourite fruit ala Kindori and

enjoy their high calcium, high protein and high vitamin benefits;

plus no need to worry about gaining weight, either,

since these satisfying low-sugar, low-calorie and low-fat treats are super-gentle on the waistline!

Ice Monster


Ice Monster is originated from Taiwan where it is quite popular as Taiwanese loves to eat ice.

Its ice creams are made from fresh fruits and unlike any other pre-packed ice cream,

Ice Monster’s ice creams are fresh and healthy.

Mango Fresh Fruit Ice Cream comes with some mangoes,

three scoops of Mango ice-cream and some ice underneath them.

After all, there are about 16 types of flavor to choose from.

Waffle World


Waffle World, first of its kind in Malaysia,

is unquestionably the place to taste a wide variety of Belgian waffles.

From a wide selection of nuts to fruits waffles such as

espresso, chocolate, walnut, pecan, almond, banana, strawberry, blueberry and

classic Belgian waffles, it is enough to satisfy the most demanding.

Banana Walnut Belgian Waffle, the cool and sweet ice cream that somehow goes perfectly well

with the hot and crispy waffle, eaten together with the soft banana and crunchy walnuts on top.



Snowflake, a dessert cafe specialising in Taiwanese inspired sugary concoctions.

The flavours are Asian, and so are the ingredients.

Taro balls, grass jelly, sago, soy, and

lime all come together in various combinations for the perfect anytime treat.

They have 3 typed of series which is Grass Jelly, Taro Balls & Soya Ice Series.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge


Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is a dessert establishment specializing in everything chocolate.

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake, a smooth and

rich chocolate cheesecake punctuated with tangy fruity goodness.

Chocolate bars, delicate chocolates pieces with unique designs and

decadent chocolate dessert gift boxes are displayed over

the counter where customers can choose from.